Fun Times

I have nothing new and exciting to report except that I started my new training plan after 3 days of rest. And guess what? My calf muscles STILL hurt! What the heck man?!?! I will do some more stretching and another rest day. Just praying things turn around. 

Other then that… I was tagged by Becky to answer these 4 little questions. 
And if you haven’t checked out Becky’s blog, you should! She is pretty awesome!

1. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree, where would you spend it at and on what?
I don’t know if this counts, but I would buy a plane ticket to go see my family in Italy and then go shopping with my aunt and cousins! Shop for clothes, shoes, hand bags, maybe some furniture too!  🙂 

2. What is one of the top 10 on your “bucket list”?
Given my current struggles with “learning” to run, I would say running a marathon would be in the top 10. Running a marathon in Italy.

3. What is one thing you are looking FORWARD to over the holidays?

I am looking forward to being together with the family and acting like a goof ball with my brothers, niece and nephew!

4. Finish the sentence… “All I want for Christmas is…”  

A BRAND NEW CAR!!! — Yep and I can keep dreaming. 

I am probably supposed to tag other people to do this. But I need to get moving on my productivity! So, if you would like to continue the fun, just answer these 4 little questions and keep it going! 



2 thoughts on “Fun Times

  1. Becky

    Oh man—a marathon in Italy would be amazing. I’m just hoping I am able to train enough to be able to run a marathon someday!

    Thanks for playing! I think it’s fun to get to know people through the silly question games. Also, your shopping spree totally counts. You could combine it with your bucket list!

    I hope your calves get feeling better asap–that is not okay.


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