It all started last night while I was getting ready for bed. I was making a mental to-do list and suddenly realized the list was to long to keep mentally. I grabbed my Real Simple To-Do Pad and started my list. 
How did things get so out of hand? I know I haven’t been THAT busy. 
No, I am just a slacker.  
Oh let me count the ways I have been slacking…
  • The floors need to be cleaned and things need to get dusted
  • My closet and dresser are over flowing with clothes. I think it may be time to donate.
  • I have stacks of magazines from August that I haven’t read. Those need to get recycled.
  • I need to clean my desk and go through old papers to file or shred. 
  •  I need to go on a small grocery trip. 
  • Catch up on school work.  

    That is just SOME of the normal upkeep I need to catch up on. 

Then there is my mental and personal health. Which I have also slacked on.
 After last weeks painful runs, I took this weekend off as “rest days”. That was great except I rested in EVERY.SINGLE.WAY. Obviously the cleaning I mentioned above, but also with eating. I didn’t even track my food! Don’t worry, the scale told me this morning that I was a slacker and had made poor choices.
Last night I made a training schedule for my continued running efforts. You can see it under the new “Training Schedule” tab. Clever, right?? Ha! It’s 10 weeks. From today through February 5th! It’s just crazy to think in 10 weeks we will be a month into 2011. But none the less, with the way I laid out my schedule I should finish the C25K program the Friday before I fly to Minnesota for the PriorFatGirl Get-Together

All things willing, I should be able to finish the training and reduce the pain. I am excited to have a plan, and one that seems reasonable. But I am even more excited to be a C25K graduate! And then, of course, continue my excitement by going to Minnesota!

On my mental & personal health list I have: 

  • Make training schedule and publish for world to see. – DONE! 
  • Print schedule and place on desk after desk is clean. 
  • Read! I haven’t been reading at all. It’s horrible. Today I WILL make time to read. 
  • Update my “Reading is Sexy” tab. – DONE! With only a few new books. Please leave me suggestions for good reads.
  • AND, complete the activity on the training schedule for today!  
So I am off to stop being a slacker and get things accomplished. I have a to-do list AND a training plan. 
I HAVE to stick to it. Right? 

Are you list or schedule makers? How do you keep life in order and running on time?

3 thoughts on “SLACKER

  1. Becky

    I’m both! I’ve got a training schedule that I’ve printed out and keep at my desk at work (although I change the actual miles I am going to do almost every day…it just keeps me motivated to keep running). I also make lists because I find it very satisfying to check off tasks at the end of the day!

    Also, you should read the Hunger Games series.

  2. Kristi

    I’m a list maker. I keep adding to it, and crossing things off… but it never goes away. It’s my ongoing to do list. I’m a planner, so with my list of things to do and my 2 or 3 calendars floating around I try and keep my life in order.
    We all have those days where we slack off. It’s no big deal. You’ll get back into the hang of it, and those past few days won’t matter.

  3. Shawna

    When I clean up the clutter and have my home organized, it makes it easier for me to diet and exercise. Like having one thing in order helps me get other things in order too.

    Toss some stuff, girl. You will never regret it. It is so freeing. We’ve had to really pare down because of a move from a big house into a smallish trailor. Who knows WHERE we’ll live next? But at least we have less stuff to keep up with.


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