I am coming to you on a weekend. This does not happen very often because I am normally to busy claiming stakes for my place on the couch so I can enjoy a full day of sports watching! 

Today I am a bit troubled. I am just a girl who is trying to lose weight but is far from a workout junkie. I am also don’t eat the way I should at every.single.meal! So this has been a long and difficult road just to lose 11 pounds since August.  

I have done no exercise which didn’t get me very far. I have tried walking. I even tried doing the 30 Day Shred. Both are great options, for someone willing to do it 5-7 days a week. I thought I would be able to commit to 5 days a week, and I failed. I got bored and I lost interest.

I have always been envious of runners. I still am. There is something about how fit runners always seem to be, and their muscle tone that always has intrigued me. The Couch to 5K program looked like a decent option for me to get started. The problem was I would start and stop and never get past Week 1. I never had the motivation or the drive to see it through. 

Some time in the last few weeks I found that drive. It probably came from a combination of knowing I needed to make a change and reading so many wonderful running stories from other bloggers. I was disgusted with myself, but inspired by others. And what did I have to lose by trying, other than some weight? 

The first week of November I laid out my plan and I was going to become a runner, or at least try my hardest. I ran four days last week, and four days this week. I ALMOST completed Week 3 of training. It hasn’t been easy, I never expected it to be. After all I am a 187 pound, out of shape, girl trying to run for 3 minutes straight. 

Honestly, the last 2 weeks have been the best 2 weeks of my weight loss journey thus far. No real weight change, but the inches started to shrink. (You can see those numbers HERE.) I felt motivated to keep going and push myself beyond what I thought was possible. I have felt confident I could do this after all. I have felt productive, not just in a working out kind of way, but also at home and with school. And, I have been able to eat a little something extra and not feel TOO guilty about it.  

If you read YESTERDAY’S blog, you know that I was in some serious pain. I did the whole Rest.Ice.Compress.Elevate thing for most of the afternoon. To no avail my calf muscles were still pretty sore later at night, and today! Last night, while I was watching TV, I made sure to have my legs elevated again. Everything from my knees down were achy. 

I started thinking about running and I got a little worried, even slightly upset. What if I can’t run anymore? What if these pains will haunt me forever? I have looked into possible causes – shoes to stretching. Nothing is matching up right away. I am almost scared to run again for fear of further pain and injury. But I want to maintain those feelings of motivation and confidence. I am so frustrated right now. 

I am also baffled that running has quickly become an exercise that I look forward to doing. How did that happen? FINALLY I have a form of exercise that I seem committed to. Something that will help me lose weight, get fit, and help me reach my ultimate goals. Will I be able to overcome the pains and keep on training? I actually want to continue running, all 187 pounds of me! 

I won’t give up just yet. Monday I will try again. 


5 thoughts on “Running

  1. Michelle

    I started running when I was 230lbs and it was extremely painful. I hated it but I stuck to it. I’m still a ‘chunky’ runner by some people’s standards (155lbs).

  2. Kristi

    I think it’s great that you found some exercise that your enjoy doing. I’m still looking for mine. I will exercise, but I don’t like it. I whine (to myself) the whole time.
    Hang in there. Hopefully the pain is just your body getting used to running.

  3. Becky

    Running is the one thing I’ve found that consistently trims up my body and challenges me. Plus, you can do it anywhere which is always nice.

    I would make sure you are running only every other day. Give your muscles time to rest between runs. And I would start out slow again next week. Don’t push yourself too hard–let yourself heal. I hope you figure out what is causing the pain soon!

  4. lauravirginia

    Hi there Sabrina! I just ran across your blog and I love how open and honest you are! It looks like you are making some really great progress! I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that I used to HATE running and was really bad at it! I decided that I wanted to run a 1/2 Marathon, and by following a training schedule, I slowly but surely picked it up. I ran it last weekend and actually had fun! I really believe now that if I can run, than anyone can! If you want to know more about how I learned to love running, you can visit my blog and click on the “RUN” tab. Best of luck to you!!! 🙂


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