Here is my chart for my cardio activity this week.  
I was planning to run tomorrow too, but I know I won’t be able to pull it off. I came back from today’s run and once again I look something like this… 
Today’s run HURT! I completed the whole training day, but my shins and my calf muscles are in crippling pain. With all my broken bones and injuries that have landed me in my Orthopedic doctor’s office, I can’t remember anything comparing to this. 
Lesson of the day: Do not try to be over ambitious with running! 
I am taking this weekend off and on Monday I will resume training again. Assuming my legs are willing. I really need to learn to listen to my body and my poor legs! 
I realize why the C25K training program has REST days in between each training day. To prevent things like this from happening! 
Next week I won’t be so over ambitious. I will repeat Week 3 of training and run only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then I can reevaluate my progress from there. I don’t want to keep having bad or painful runs. They can be really discouraging!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend that is injury free! And I want to wish a happy early birthday to my BBF, Lindsay! :o)

3 thoughts on “OUCH!!!

  1. Becky

    OUCH! I hope you get feeling better! Definitely take a couple of days off to recover. It’s pointless to run when it hurts like that. It’s making me hurt just looking at the picture!


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