Weigh In Wednesday

I have been so busy this morning putting together and planning a holiday party/fundraiser that I almost forgot to do this post. But here I am…


Ah… the scale did not budge! Still holding at 187.4


But there was still some good news. I started losing inches in places I wasn’t losing before!! Hooray! I don’t necessarily feel like I am losing these itches, but I am sure I will notice it in time.  

And I have one more victory to share… for my run last night…
 it was my longest AND fastest run (or as I like to say “trot”) yet!! 

The last 5 minutes of the run and the cool down walk started to get real painful. Shin Splints kind of painful!! I have not had any problems with shin splints since I was in high school. I really hope it won’t be something I have to deal with forever, because that will be frustrating.

This is me with ice bags on after my run! Not the most joyous times. 
If you get shin splints, how do you deal with them? Maybe this could connect to the question I had yesterday about stretching?

And one last question, for all you HRM owners. 

I am in the market for one. I want to be reasonable and practical, if I can.
First and foremost I want to have an accurate idea of calories burned. Maybe I need to do some more shopping and research, but is there one that will also track distance and pace? 

What kind do you have and why do you love it?


7 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday

  1. Becky

    Shin splints are the WORST! Do you have actual running shoes are just tennis shoes? I went to a running store and had them record my gait and the way my feet hit when I run. They then recommended a shoe based on those details. Once I got good shoes, the shin splints went away. I have only had issues with them once or twice in the last year.

    As for the HRM…I splurged and I don’t regret it at all. I got the Garmin Forerunner 110 with Heart Rate Monitor and it is AMAZING. It tells me my average heart rate, max heart rate, calories burned, elevation gained, best pace, worst pace, mileage, and shows the course I ran when I plug it into my computer. It’s information overload and I LOVE it. I’ll send you a screen shot of what it tells me after a run so that you can see and decide if it is worth splurging on. The only thing I don’t like is the price tag!

  2. Kristi

    I love the tattoo on your foot! Very cute!
    I have a polar HR. It’s kind of new so I don’t know exactly all the features. It shows calories burned, time, and average heart rate, and then my heart rate while I’m exercising. I love it. It makes working out at home a lot better when I can see the calories I’m burning.

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