So as most of you probably already know, I am attempting to follow the C25K plan, again! So far, so good. Later today I will be doing Week 2 Day 3. 
Here is my strategy for this time around. I am going to work the program 4-5 times per week. It says to train 3 days a week, but last time I didn’t feel like I was making any progress with just 3 days. So this time I decided to make the program work for me. I really feel that I am adapting well, and I am already running longer than I thought I could. 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and sometimes Saturday’s. Those are my training days with rest days always on Wednesday and Sunday’s. Make sense? 
I do have a question for everyone: STRETCHING!!
Even before I started the C25K again my muscles were tight and a lot less flexible. As a girl who was always very limber from years of dance and gymnastics, I don’t like how my body feels when it is tight. 
I have done research on a few things but sometimes experience and suggestions are the best research!

So, what works for you? What stretching do you do to improve your range of motion AND your flexibility? Static stretching? Resistance stretching? 


One thought on “C25K

  1. Sarah

    One word: Pilates! I loved Pilates before they took it away from my YMCA (stupid people.. lol).. it’s so much better than yoga too.

    I do a lot of stretching that I was taught back in middle school (cheerleading) and it still works to an extent..

    Congrats on the 75th blog! It’s been a pleasure reading so far.. can’t wait to see the next 75.. 🙂


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