Wednesday Weigh In and More!

Happy Hump Day!! Here we are again, another Wednesday. And every Wednesday when I get on that scale my mind seems to wander. I start to think about where I want to be next week, and the week after.

I think every month I need to make monthly goals for myself. Things I want to achieve. Something to keep me focused and help me stay on track. So I have made up a list for November, and placed it under the plexiglass on my desk.
(Yes, I have plexiglass that is protecting the wood and paint  from my mess on top – it’s an antique!)

  • Log 30 miles. Running, jogging, walking. Which ever it might be. I reactivated my DailyMile account! The ticker is on the right side of the page.
  • Finish 3 books. I am in the middle of one, but I have been working on it for months now, so I need to finish that and read 2 more!
  • Paint the walls in my room and hang pictures. I have everything I need, I just gotta do it!
  • Not gain any weight. Let’s face it, the holidays are upon us. Food, parties, and family. I am not trying to be superwoman here and stress myself out trying to lose weight. If I lose, GREAT! Otherwise I will be content with maintaining.

And on to my weigh in and measurements…

All things considered, I am pleased! But I still intend to take it week by week. I did get some cardio in today. I don’t want to do the C25K everyday, I read that you should take a rest day in between each training. So I took my pup for a walk since she loves going out to check up on the neighborhood.

Time: 25:34
Distance: 1.52 miles
Pace: 16:49 mins/mile
Calories: 135


For a while now I have been trying to understand the differences between the number I see on the scale, how I feel, and my ultimate happiness. I believe that it will be an ongoing learning experience for me. None the less, this morning I decided it was time to try on some jeans in my closet that have been hiding. 

Size 15 Vigoss Jeans. For now, these are my goal jeans. This is the one pair of jeans in my closet that are bigger than the size 12/14’s but smaller than everything else. I love these jeans! But I can’t remember the last time I wore them! So I put them on today, and this is how they looked.

I CAN button them, but trust me, it’s not pretty! I am not sure how much I need to lose before I can CONFIDENTLY fit into them. But when that moment comes I will set my sights to smaller pair of jeans.

Deep down, somewhere, I know it’s about more than the number on the scale!

PS — Go check out  Diminishing Lucy: Fat to Fit And join in the blog hop!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In and More!

  1. Syl

    I recently put the scale away for a month – I had done this before and it really is a great feeling. The uncertainty stops and you just go with the flow. You start to see things in a different light, and after the month of putting away the scale I was able to get back into my jeans. I loved that a number didn’t rule my day or my mood and it just made me fight harder.
    You will be in those jeans in no time, you are doing fantastic, keep up the great work 😉

  2. Sarah

    You are awesome! And those jeans fit so well (besides the small problem of not buttoning).. my problem is always my thighs fitting into smaller pants..

    Keep up the good work, and you’ll soon be having to find a new pair of jeans.. 🙂


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