Getting it Right

I feel like everyday I come here and say how I need to get back on track. Or I say how I need to start making the right choices. Or how I am committed to doing the C25K. Then I don’t. It’s a vicious cycle that is not getting me anywhere.  

This morning I read two exceptional posts. Both touched me in two very different ways.

The first was a nomination post for the next PriorFatGirl. 
And you can read it HERE.  

The second was a guest post that Keeping up with Katie did on another blog. And you can find that post HERE!

Reality always seems to smack me in the face when I need it the most. I have a feeling of admiration for James, the PFG nominee. I don’t know if I would have the strength or courage to do what he is doing. On the other end, I am grateful for Katie’s guest post. It was just what I needed to read.

So today, I am back on track! Today, I am going to do it right.
(Psst! Feel free to check up on me & hold me accountable from here on out. I might need it!)
I am going to be productive today! I am going to go do the C25K today! I will, because I CAN!
I will be back later to tell you how it went and give you the stats. If I am not back before dark, send the emails and comments asking me “What the heck have you been doing all day?”. Thank you!

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