A Lazy Confession

I hate when the weekend ends too soon, and it seems like it always does!

So here we are again, another Monday, and for me it more than half way over. I guess that is the good part! But it’s also November 1st. Like, seriously? When the heck did that happen?

I feel so far behind. I have accomplished nothing. I have plans, and I don’t follow through. I have goals, and I don’t reach them.

Monday’s always seem to put things into perspective for me. So much to do, so little time. Actually, there is plenty of time but I am just lazy!

Yep, I said it! I AM LAZY!

Is it Monday that makes me feel like this? For instance, I woke up with every intention to go for a 30 minute jog today. Have I gone? No. Was I to busy or do I have a good excuse? Nope. Just lazy.

Laziness will be the death of me because it extends beyond just these dreaded Monday’s. It’s more like everyday! Sad, but true. And I didn’t use to be like this but I am pretty sure I know when and why it all started.

I need to find away to change this. I know my laziness is effecting my weight. Hell, it is causing me to not lose any weight at all. My last post about being stuck… well, I am stuck because I am lazy. It really didn’t take rocket science to figure it out. I was just blind to the truth.

Hopefully I can find a cure for my laziness this week. Somewhere. Somehow. From someone.

I can not let my own laziness stand in my way of greatness.

Sorry I don’t have anything amazing to say these days. Just trying to work though everything so I can get back on the right track. But know that your comments, support and suggestions mean everything.


2 thoughts on “A Lazy Confession

  1. Michelle

    I am becoming so lazy with school work. I just started 2 new courses today and I’m already behind on my other readings for my other class and have zero motivation to get my ass in gear. Ugh!

  2. Becky

    I can SO relate to the lazy thing. I only got one run in during the last two weeks…oops! I think the only thing that has helped kick me back into gear is signing up for something that I CANNOT back out of. It could be a race (my choice–won’t back out because I spent too much money on it!) or a running group or a blog challenge or anything. Or find a workout buddy. Something like that will get you out the door.


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