It’s Time to Share

First thing I want to share is an article I read and apparently so have a lot of other people. It is causing quite a stir. You can read it HERE! Leave me your thoughts on it, I would love to know your points of view.

Next, I have an announcement!

I am going to the PriorFatGirl event! I am super excited!!
One Breath, One Step: A PriorFatGirl Get-Together
You have all read the blogs from Jen, Lindsay and Amanda the PriorFatGirls, right?
I am flying to Minnesota from Florida, in the middle of January no less — call me crazy! Who else is coming? You know you want to!! Go get your tickets from the link above.

I have been promising pictures from the past week so without further adieu…

Pumpkin carving!

My lame attempt at a ghost.

The Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey team playing a little shirtless football before the game.

Now it’s time to get down to business! Go Bolts!

Some might say I have an obsession.

If you saw my bill (over $100 dollars) you would agree!

I love Publix, and the fact that they have a store devoted to whole foods just makes me so happy! I bought so much amazing food.

Their fall display. I love fall. Too bad its 87 degrees in my part of the world.

No, I did not eat them both.
On the left is the Peanut Butter Chocolate for my friend.
On the right is the “Ghostly” Chocolate for me!
This makes my heart, and boobs, smile!
I will never pay full price for a bra again!

Heaven on Earth for a foodie! Just as amazing as Greenwise Publix!
And here too I bought a lot of amazing food.

Hard to resist so many great beers!

And every once in a while, even a Starbucks fanatic needs a little Barnie’s in their lives!


4 thoughts on “It’s Time to Share

  1. Sarah

    OMG, I was watching The Talk, the new talk show on CBS, and they were talking about this article.. I thought I was gonna punch the television.. I definitely going to cancel my subscription to that magazine because the editor ASKED her to do that article..

    But while I don’t condemn the author, as she was anorexic, I think it’s irresponsible of the editors to allow her to do this kind of article in the first place..

    Good for you, about going to the Priorfatgirl event.. I may just have to go see what this is all about.. 🙂


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