I must say that I am very content here at my new domain, and I am glad no one seems to have any issues seeing my blog. ūüôā

We are already four days into October and to me that just seems crazy!! I had a pretty busy weekend. Most of Saturday was spent watching sports, but I did take a half hour between games to do the 30DS! I believe it was my first serious workout on a weekend in a while Ever!! I was proud of myself.

Sunday the family got together. My oldest brother, his two kids, my parents, and I all met at my other brothers house; who lives just across town from me. The boys watched football, ate pizza and brownies, drank beer, and acted like boys. While my mom and I took my niece and went out for some lunch and shopping. It was a good day but I was exhausted afterwards. I did manage to squeeze in the shred first thing Sunday morning. Sunday night I vegged out and watched football.

Today, I’m just not feeling it. This morning I woke up and was feeling very sluggish and didn’t want to¬†do anything on my To-Do¬†List or workout.

I took¬†my puppy (ok, she is 8 years old, but she will always be my puppy) to the vet for her shots. When I got home I was in a soup kind of mood.¬†So I¬†had Amy’s Tomato soup for lunch! That is good stuff. I mixed in half a wedge of Chipotle Laughing Cow Cheese. Yum Yum. I thought about taking a picture, but only¬†after I was done. Oops.

My workout plan was to do the 30DS AND my next training day for the C25K. Just before I started the shred I got a major headache. I knew I needed to still do the Shred. I committed to doing it and I plan on following through. I started the video and it was not fun. I dragged through the first 8-10 minutes and pretty much half-assed it (for a lack of better term). Half way through I got into a rhythm but by then the workout was almost done. I did not muster up enough strength or energy for C25K. I showered and took a nap. Which tells me I must have not been feeling well because normally workouts really energize me and I am very productive afterwards.

Before dinner I decided I¬†would take my puppy for¬†a stroll around the pond by the house (which is literally next door). She is so good, I don’t worry about putting her on a leash. From my front door, around the pound, and back is .45 miles.

I would like to introduce you to my baby… meet Chloe!


As we were heading up the driveway she spotted a Squirrel.
If you ask Chloe she will tell you that squirrels are not welcome in our yard!

Tomorrow is a new day and it must be a better one. I will have two days worth of to-do’s. And a C25K training. Oye!


4 thoughts on “I’m.Just.Not.Feeling.It.

  1. Arielle I.

    Your dog is beautiful. Does she shed a lot? Blah. I hear ya on crappy work outs. If I get a headache before a work out, I don’t even attempt it so kudos to you for at least trying! :]


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