If every day were like today…

If every day were like today…   You’d weigh 179.6 lbs in 5 weeks.  
That is what MyFitnessPal told me tonight after I completed my food and exercise diary. 5 weeks from today is November 4th. My goal is to weigh in at 180 by October 31st. This is totally possible… if every day is like today!
Today I began a 9 week C25K training program. It sort of kicked my ass. I also found another plan online that extends training for 13 weeks. Both plans are set to run/walk 3 days a week. This is doable, by the end of the year I can be running a 5k… if every day is like today.

Glowing after W1D1 of C25K

Everyday will be like today! Wanna know why? Because tomorrow I start a new October Challenge. 31 days of Jillian’s 30 Shred. And top that with 3 days of C25K. WHEW! What have I gotten myself into. I am mulling over the idea of taking some before photos tomorrow morning. The idea of being able to compare a specific time frame with more than just numbers is…. daunting.
Wish me luck. October will bring big changes and new things… including a new blog domain. Sometime tomorrow I will be switched over to my new blog at http://www.sabrinaisonthemove.net/
It is still on the blogger platform. So there should be no complications. I decided I needed to make a change that would really suite the direction of my blog. I am excited to take this step and share it with you!
Talk to ya’ll tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “If every day were like today…


    Yes! Definitely take before pics! There’s no harm really, it’s not like you even have to look at them, just take them in case you want to see them later on. I’d also suggest taking measurements before the shred (if you’re not already tracking them)…just because a lot of times with exercise the results show up in the measurements before they do on the scale. Good luck 🙂

  2. Becky

    You are going to be a busy woman this month! You will have so much to be proud of at the end and you will DEFINITELY be able to tell a difference in your figure. Take some pictures–they are super fun to look through as the weight continues to fall off. You’ll be surprised at how much your body changes!


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