Lots of Random Thoughts.

Today’s blog is a versatile one. A little bit of everything today, hope you are ready…

Last night I had so many ideas running though my head, so I got out a note pad and started brainstorming like I do for college papers. Then I woke up this morning to no Internet because it was knocked out by the storm!! But I am connected once again! And speaking of storms, we have a 90% chance of rain all week with a tropical storm moving up from the Caribbean that should be here by tomorrow night. Delightful! Maybe it won’t be in the 90’s anymore after all this rain?!?!

I don’t believe I have mentioned this on my blog before, but I am considering a job in Germany working at a resort. It would be a 13 month contract to live and work there. I have been emailing back and forth with the hiring manager, and planning to fly to a mutual meeting spot for an interview the first of next year. However, after those 13 months, or if that falls through, I want to move out of Florida. I know some of you on MyFitnessPal have already heard this from me… I am tired of the constant heat and humidity, I want seasons. I want to be in the water during the summers, and hit the slopes during the winters. I like a hot summer, but then I want a cold, brisk winter with spring and fall in between!
(And I will still blog where ever I end up!)

I need to have professional sports within driving distance. I love sports, and always have. While I don’t need to have all the above sports, I would like baseball and hockey to be close.
(no more than 2-3 hours — which is what I drive now for Pro hockey, baseball and football — Pro basketball is just over an hour away)

And it’s a good way to meet guys. Haha. 🙂 

Feel free to leave me your opinions on places to live — I haven’t traveled much around the USA so I need all the help I can get!

There is a website, Find Your Spot, it’s a really cool quiz/survey about things you want/need where you live. Everything from weather to politics to money and sports. It will take you about 10 minutes, but it will give you about 20 cities that match up with how you answer. A teacher from high school gave me this site while working on a project, and I have taken the quiz once or twice a year since then. Some of my tastes have stayed the same, some have changed, but its pretty neat to see. I will share my top cities with you tomorrow.

I am still struggling to workout on a daily basis. So I am really looking forward to Sly’s Challenge starting on Friday, give me a kick in the pants! I have been slacking since the end of No Numbers, but I may talk myself into getting a head start tonight. I can’t wait until there is a coolness in the air again, I really want to incorporate some running into my daily routines, but it’s so hard when the humidity knocks you out before you even leave the driveway! … Yet another reason I am considering a move.

A friend of mine just started the Cookie Diet with his mom. Have you heard of it? I told him they were crazy. For the amount of money they are spending on cookies and shakes they can go to the store and buy fresh fruits and veggies and make healthy meals at home and not feel deprived or get bored. Plus they would lose weight the proper way. Something about fad diets just doesn’t sit right with me, even though I would love to magically drop 10-20 pounds in 2 weeks!

Speaking of fresh fruits and veggies… what’s your favorite to buy? And how do you cook them? And how do you store/prep them? My brother buys all his produce for the week at the farmer’s market on Saturday; then comes home and cleans them, slices/chops/dices the veggies, and puts them in Ziploc containers to store in the fridge until he is ready to cook with them. Seems efficient. I am just looking for new things to try to spice up the same ole same ole, especially now that we are heading into October, and the “fall” season.

Oh — one last thing. I am thinking of changing the URL for my blog. When I first set this one up, it was for a class and I wasn’t sure the direction I would take. Now I have direction, but the blog name isn’t fitting. Can I change my URL on blogger easily? Or will I lose all my blogs, my followers, and the ones I follow? I don’t want to make this difficult for anyone, including myself, but I want something that fits the tone of my blog better! 🙂

Okay… I am done now. Sorry for the ramblings and sticking with me, I love you all!


3 thoughts on “Lots of Random Thoughts.

  1. clew

    I have always wanted to live in the Carolinas. Ocean, mountains, seasons – it’s got it all. I live in Ohio. we have lots of weather change and lots of sports, but no ocean and it’s almost as humid as Florida in the summer. Ick.

  2. Lindsay, another priorfatgirl

    Come to Minnesota! Seriously!!!!

    The Twins have a BRAND new outdoor stadium and it’s AWESOME!

    And the MN Wild are close by for hockey too!

    C’mon, just do it! 😉

    WARNING: winters suck, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

    But we do have ALL the seasons and just ask ANYONE, you CANNOT beat a Minnesota Summer… A-MAZING!

  3. Sarah

    I have only lived in Colorado before I moved to Germany. I loved it there. You had all seasons…Mountains, Sand Dunes, white river rafting,hiking,shopping!! Now I miss home.

    Good luck on Slys next challenge. I so didn’t make it for Sept. Life got way to busy and now I move in Oct. so I am not even going to set myself up for failure this month.


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