One bite at a time. One decision at a time.

I just really wish it felt like Autumn down here.

This is a quick post….

So… did everyone go out and get their Self Magazine yet?!? Did you read the story? What did you think?

Me, with 30 Day Shred glow!

You can see I worked out today! Sometimes I really do not like Jillian!! Soon after my workout I went down to check the mail. And look what came…

My new bracelet!!

I was really excited when I saw the address label on my brown envelope, I knew what was inside! I am even more excited to finally have one and that it will be a constant reminder of the journey I am on.

I am so glad today is Hump Day, and that it is almost over. I am planning a little retreat to St. Augustine, Florida this weekend. It’s a little over two hours away from me, but well worth the short drive. It is such a fun city with such rich history, I love it!! Ghost tours, forts, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, a lighthouse, old Spanish culture, great restaurants and shops, and only a short drive away from Jacksonville. I went last year in the and it’s wonderful. I want to go back in December when they light up the city get the festivals going.
Anyone have some exciting plans in the works for this weekend?
I need to take a moment to send healthy wishes my blog stalker and dear friend who stayed home sick today. That is never a fun way to spend any day, so I wish her well!!

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