Going Vegetarian?

Its Monday, Sept. 20th… you all know what that means?!?! Yep. The end of the No Numbers Challenge. However, my challenge is going to extend until tomorrow. I was house sitting for a friend of the family last night through tonight, completely forgot it was the end of the challenge until early this afternoon, and they don’t have a scale. So I will do my weigh in and all my measurements tomorrow morning. I want to keep as many of the controllables from the start of the challenge the same for the end.

Going vegetarian? I never have been a vegetarian, even though I talk about becoming one quite frequently. Tonight I sat down for dinner, and ABC’s World News was on. They were doing a report on genetically altered Salmon. This fish was at least twice the size of the same fish, same age. Never fails, something gross like that is always on the news. I don’t eat seafood to begin with, but that report made me want to lose my burger. One of my dear friends is a vegetarian, and has been since he watched a documentary for a high school class. I am putting some serious thought into this now. I have eaten all sorts of vegetarian meals before, no big deal; I just am not sure how to ease into a switch like that. It’s major. Any suggestions?!? This is going to become a major consideration for me now!

I need your help… well advice, aside from the vegetarian decision….

Most of my followers are women… so I am sure some of you have dealt with this at one time or another. Lately I have been breaking out like an awkward teenager. It’s horrible! You may as well call me crater face!! I have never been one to break out, even in my teen years it was one pimple every few months. I was blessed!! But I don’t know what to do now. I have face cleansers I use in the shower every day, and scrubs I use once or twice a week. I have always used Neutrogena or Aveeno, so I haven’t changed anything. What do I do? Recommendations for products or at home tricks are most welcome at this point. I do have fairly sensitive skin, so be kind to my face!

I will discuss my weekend on tomorrow’s results blog. I think it will all tie together nicely, and it gives me some time to really reflect on what I need to say. I hope everyone had a decent Monday. Please, please, please give me your opinions and thoughts on the issues of the night. I would appreciate it greatly. 🙂

Oh… I need to say a special HELLO to my dear friend, who will remain anonymous, but she likes to “stalk” my blog. Just as I opened up blogger to prepare this blog she asked me “umm so why are you being lazy…no blog update?” This is why she is my Chosen friend, and I love her!



4 thoughts on “Going Vegetarian?

  1. kaitlin

    Hmm the vegetarian thing is hard. I tried it for awhile in middle school, and it didn’t stick. I do try to buy organic, free range meat when I eat it now though. If you just don’t like meat though… no reason not to do it! You just need to make sure that you are getting enough protein.

    And as far as breaking out goes, ugh, I know how that can be. I started using Clinique, and it has been working wonderfully for me. I get mine at the mall in Macy’s or Nordstrom’s, and they have the soaps/cleansers/moisturizers for different skin types. It’s a little pricey, but the stuff lasts for a long time!

    Looking forward to your end of the challenge update! Have a good evening! =)

  2. Lindsay, another priorfatgirl

    I have zero advice on the vegetarian thing – I love me some meat! Hahahaha! But please do keep us updated! 🙂

    As far as breaking out, I swear, you and I are like the SAME PERSON! I was very blessed ing HS too – I RARELY broke out… sure, I would get a pimple here and there, but that would last a couple of days and I’d have a fresh face again…
    Well, I too have begun breaking out (DAMMIT!) – I tried SOOOOOO many face washes lately… finally, I caved and got ProActive… and let me tell you, that stuff is the ISH! Yes, it is expensive, but it started working IMMEDIATELY. As in, I used in one night and the NEXT MORNING I could definitely notice a difference..

    Not sure if you want to splurge on it.. but jsut an option! 🙂

  3. Becky

    I started breaking out right after starting my weight loss journey as well–it must be something with committing to losing weight. I use proactiv as well and it works well for me. My face has since cleared up really well. I started washing my face immediately after work outs to try to prevent the sweat from clogging my pores. It seems to help!

    As for the vegetarian thing…I’m with Lindsay. I don’t eat meat with every meal, but I do love having it!


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