Ready for the season

TGIF!!! Woohooo it’s the weekend!! 

I am so ready for fall. I want cooler weather, boots, scarves, jeans, pumpkins, festivals, and parties. I do not belong down here in Florida, and it’s becoming more and more apparent. 

This is my favorite time of year, but also the most stressful! This is when I always fail at any diet attempts. I think we all struggle this time of year. From Labor Day BBQ’s to New Years Eve Parties. It can be a dieters nightmare! This year will be different. I am more aware of what I am putting into my body, I know how to count calories, and I think I know how to make smarter choices.

I believe we are exactly 99 days from Christmas. I want to look BETTER by the time all the holiday parties and different family events begin happening. 99 days, and I still want to lose 20 pounds (hopefully it’s less than that to get to my goal of 170)?!?! Ekk. That is scary! Maybe I should say 10 by Halloween and another 10 by Christmas? Yes. Those are my goals. Lose 10 pounds by Halloween and 10 pounds by Christmas.

So let me back track a bit… Yesterday I did not work out! Well, I warmed up and did the first 6 minute circuit of the Shred. Then my computer did not want to play it anymore. So I went to the living room and the Blue Ray player did not want to play it either. So after about 15 minutes of trying to make it work, I was out of time. I showered and went about the rest of my day! I almost wanted to feel defeated, but such is life. 

Today, I had a hair appointment. In the spirit of the Fall season, we took out my lighter highlights and darkened up my hair, then we added some gorgeous red streaks. I love it. I have never been this dark, but I LOVE IT!! 

The No Numbers Challenge is almost over. I don’t know what do with the scale once I see it again. This is new territory. Sort of like a long distance relationship that is reuniting. Hmmm… 

Somewhere in the next month I need to finish the 30DS. In the week that I have had it I did 4 days? Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday? Yes. Yesterday was an epic failure. And today… well, I don’t know if I want to mess up my new do. I hate to get sweaty, have to shower and ruin it, especially when it looks so good now and I can never recreate it just like my stylist!!

I don’t really have any exciting plans for the weekend. I plan to spend a quite weekend with myself!! Catch up on my 30DS workouts, indulge in a good book, and drink some wine. Peace and relaxation. 



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