I Wish Wednesday

Happy Hump Day…. Let’s get right down to my wishes…

  • I wish… I had more space. I need more space for everything. I have too many books for the space on my bookcase. And I am not one of those people who can get the Nook or Kindle, because I have to have the hard copy in my hand. I am weird like that. I need more space for clothes. I feel like I have to give up something every time I buy a new piece. Lucky for me I am trying to lose weigh, so in theory I will need to get rid of a bunch of clothes soon anyways. I need more space for shoes. Well, that’s not true anymore. I got some cool basket things for my closet, so until I buy more shoes I am good there. In my short little 25 year life, I have accumulated a lot of things. No, I am not a hoarder, I clean and throw things out regularly, but I like to shop. So I need more space. 

  • I wish… My hair would stop thinning. My hair used to be super thick, I could barley get a pony tail holder around it. Then I got older and I don’t know if it was stress, weight, health, or whatever that caused my hair to thin out. There are no bald spots, and it’s really not thinning anymore. But I am still shedding a lot everyday, more than I think I should. I have tried everything from cutting it super short to different supplement pills. If you have a trick or a product that may help, please share. I love my hair now too, but I wish it could be what it once was.

  • I wish… It would get cooler down here already. I am in sunny Central Florida, and there is no end in sight. I am probably not made to be living down here. I love it here, for the most part. But I want to be somewhere that I can beach it during the summer and snowboard during the winters. I wish I had seasons!!

  • I wish… I had a job as a Merchandiser at Ikea. Haha. Kinda silly, but I would love it. Creative, hands on, and it sort of goes with my college degree path for my Bachelors and Masters. Okay, maybe I just want a part time job, enough to get the employee discount. 🙂
  • I wish… It was not so expensive to fly to Italy. I miss that part of my family dearly, and really wish I could spend more time there.

  • I wish… You all could feel the same determination, motivation, and confidence that I do right now. For whatever rough patch you have come to in your own journey, I wish you all the strength to keep on going. That none of us will ever back down!

  • And last, I (only in rare occasion, in a lack of my better judgement, when I am feeling lonely) wish… I had a good man standing beside me. Through my own selfish choices, I have decided to be single over the last 2 years. I don’t want kids, and frankly I am always on the fence about marriage. Nothing against any guys, there have been many great ones, but I am selfish. I have a lot I want to accomplish and don’t see it working out if I “settle down”. Me and relationships will need to be a blog of its own. But sometimes, I wish I had a good man.

That is all for now. I may be back later with a real post, if not I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!! What do you wish??



2 thoughts on “I Wish Wednesday

  1. Becky

    I have the EXACT same feelings about Kindles and Nooks–i want the book to be physically in my hands! Probably why I own waaaay too many bookshelves. So necessary!

  2. Arielle I.

    I don’t think you have a problem as far as your hair is concerned. Our hormones change our hair so many times throughout our life. I’ve heard our hair can change like, 3-5 times in our lives just because our hormones are always changing. I’ve noticed the last year or so, my hair has come out a lot more in the shower than it used to but I have no thinning at all, just like you. I wouldn’t worry about it! If you see bald spots, THEN you should worry.


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