Now, not Monday

Holy sweaty self and sore muscles, Batman!!

After hearing lots of talk, both good and bad, about the 30 Day Shred, I decided to buy it for myself and give it a try.

This purchase comes just days after my lack of motivation tantrum. Through my own self discovery and your encouraging words, I realized I needed to be the one to fix this. How many times do we say we will start the new diet or exercise program on Monday, then life gets in the way and we push it to the next Monday? Or the next, then weeks become months and so on… you get the picture.

I have always been the one that NEEDS things to flow with the regular Monday – Sunday week. Not any more! I made a conscious decision that I needed to start now and not on Monday. Why? Because Monday would come and I wouldn’t do it.

So I bought the instant download of the 30 Day Shred on Amazon, it’s $4.99 and I can download it to two locations. So its on my laptop and on my blue ray player attached to the big screen. (If you click the link & scroll down mid page and you will see “Amazon Video on Demand”. You can also purchase the Levels separate for $1.99 each, if needed)

I did my first work out in the comfort of my room yesterday, with the door shut and fan on high. I set up my laptop, laid out my mat, got on the appropriate clothes, and grabbed 3 bottles of water, then got to work. (Yes, 3 bottles of water, I don’t have weights yet so I just used two, unopened, 24oz sport water bottles. Ya know, the kind you would buy at a gas station when you are on the go?)

The actual workout was very quick, about 26 minutes from warm up to cool down. I will admit, I got a bit winded and stopped for a 5 second water break, but I kept pushing. Push ups into jumping jacks are no joke! (And make sure you have a real decent sports bra on, ladies) No pain no gain, right? I didn’t feel the burn while I was doing it, but I was getting super sweaty. After wards, I felt so great and energized, I decided to take my puppy for a quick one mile walk. Less than a quater of a mile in and the skies opened up on us so we sprinted back home.

I do not have a HRM, yet. But I do have this little gadget on my phone that said I burned 293 calories in 26 minutes during the 30DS. MFP said I burned about 340. But they do not have 30DS (I am not writing out “30 day shred” anymore — its now 30DS) in their database, so we list it under circuit training and then round down a bit. So I figured about 300 calories for my burn yesterday.

Last night I was watching football and playing on my laptop, like normal, got up for a potty break — HOLY BURN IN MY THIGHS, BATMAN!! All at once the burn hit me. Cool! This feels good, and its something very different and much more challenging than my walk/jogs.

So I wake up this morning, hop outta bed — HOLY BURN IN MY THIGHS, SHOULDERS, AND CLAVES, BATMAN!!

Honestly, I am so glad I started yesterday and did not wait until Monday. If you are thinking of waiting until Monday to start anything and make a change, you probably won’t. Why can’t you start today. Make today count!

A quick wrap up on the No Numbers Challenge; only 10 more days until it’s over, and I can get on the scale and measure up. I have been lazy in my exercise lately. Everything else is on track as I comitted. I have my fingers crossed the 30DS will help me shred inches and pounds, but also to give me a quick workout every day. I know it’s supposed to be an hour workout, but 26 minutes will have to do some days. 29 more days to go with the 30DS.

I guess this is another long post. I like to talk, and always have something to say. Sorry. Moral of the story: Even if you don’t feel motivated, or just want to wait till Monday – DONT! Do it today, you will feel better, and it just might be the motivation you need!



One thought on “Now, not Monday

  1. Michelle

    I did the 30 day shred last summer. I remember the first morning after doing it and I woke up I could hardly walk because my thighs were so sore! Keep it up 🙂


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