Weekend and Shopping in my own closet!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I love the short weeks, but my to-do list is much longer than normal. I laid in bed last night writing out what I thought would be my to-do list for the day, but it kept getting longer and LONGER.

A re-cap of the weekend, which will all tie together with “shopping in my own closet”.

Saturday was the start college football. I woke up like a ball of energy and fire. I was amped up and ready to go! Go Noles! I am just super excited it’s finally September again! YAY!

Sunday, I headed to Tampa with a friend Byran, to meet up with my good friend, Leigh! We met at Busch Gardens, rode all the coasters, saw the animals, grabbed a quick lunch and then saw a show. It started raining while we were eating lunch, so we thought we might leave the park after the show. We made it just in time for the 12pm showing of KaTonga, an African Tale. After 6 years they preformed their last show yesterday, its going away to make room for something else. So I am glad we got to see it one last time.

We left the park about 1pm and headed to the mall downtown with intentions to see a movie. Nothing was playing that we hadn’t already seen or wanted to see now. So we went shopping. You can imagine Bryan’s joy when we decided to shop. Old Navy was having a sale, which is always fun times. Bryan decided it was time for him to go play in Brookstone. I found him napping in a massage chair about half an hour later.

Leigh and I decided we wanted to go to Ikea before dinner. Bryan was not too excited about this either. After about 2 hours in Ikea we all walked away with a purchase, even Bryan. And he actually admitted to liking Ikea. Score!

So we went back to the mall for dinner at PF Chang’s. This makes my heart smile! I love PF Chang’s, Cheesecake Factory too. The mall was having some pretty nice sales, but I chose not to “shop”. (I did by a cute shirt and a coat that was on sale at Old Navy) But I have a closet full of clothes, I don’t need to shop! Nice clothes, some I used to wear, and some that have not been worn with tags still. All sorts of jeans, dress pants, shorts, and skirts from sizes 10-14. Instead of buying more clothes between sizes 16-18, I need to just buckle down and not give up. Then, I will have a whole new wardrobe to chose from!

We finished dinner, got our Starbucks, and said good-bye to Leigh. Then we got back in the car for a two and a half hour drive home, in the rain! Bryan slept, I drove home.

The whole way I was milling over my new realization. Sure, I knew it before, but it really hit home. Why would I want to buy a bigger size when I have awesome smaller sized clothes sitting in my closet?!?!? I would be crazy. Not only do I have pants, but I have all kinds of tops, and dresses and jackets too. I always kept them for when I would fit into them again, but as I grew out of them I never stopped to think “Hey!! You are getting FAT!”. Honestly, I got annoyed with myself for letting it come to this. I could have nipped it in the butt a long time ago. I could still be wearing my old clothes. Which is why I am blogging and on MFP, so I can keep myself in check, and shop in my own damn closet!!!!

So my motivation for the rest of the month is being able to shop in my own closet. OH and a fabulous pair of boots I want my calves to fit into, which I mentioned in my C25K Post not that long ago.

Well, I am off to chip away at my to-list. Which does have “do a workout” listed.

Don’t forget to look at yesterday’s Emmy Blog to see if I gave you an award.



4 thoughts on “Weekend and Shopping in my own closet!!

  1. Becky

    I have to drop a few more sizes before I can shop in my closet, but I CAN’T WAIT! I have some of the cutest pairs of jeans that I want to fit so badly!


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