And the Emmy goes to…

I got my first award. This is actually exciting for me. I always envy all of you who have a long list of awards running down the side of your blog.

(And speaking of that list, how do you do that? Is it a Widget? Something special I don’t know about? How do you get that list to just keep adding your awards so they run down the side of your blog?)

The Rules for this Award:

1) Post who gave you this award:
Thank you so so much to Erica @ Journey of a Fat Girl. This means a lot to me, and I am really touched that you gave this to me. Like I commented on your blog, I was at a theme park yesterday when my phone alerted me to a new email. When I opened it up I realized that Erica had left me this award, and it just made me smile.
2) State 10 things you like:

  • Starbucks. Oh yeah, I am a junkie, gold rewards card and all.
  • Road trips. There is something about just getting in the car and going that I love. It’s so free.
  • Roller coasters. I just love em. I will go on any one, any where.
  • Ikea. Seriously, whats not to like about Ikea? When I grow up I want to be a Merchandiser for them!
  • Florida State Seminoles. I am a Nole through and through.
  • All sports. Really, I am just a sports freak. I have a favorite team and/or player from everything from Football to Tennis. ESPN makes me smile. And I LOVE sitting at stadiums and being part of the action.
  • PF Chang’s/Cheesecake Factory. They are owned by the same company, so I will make them one. I like all the yummy goodness that comes from both places!
  • Dogs. I am an animal love, but especially dogs, Big dogs.
  • Books. If I could stay in PJ’s and read all day, I would be so content.
  • Italy. Last, but not least! I love Italy. Most of my family is there, and I miss them dearly. I love all of Europe, I could live there… hopefully some day. The food, the people, and the culture. I just like it all.

3) Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment:
Not in any special order….

Thanks again, Erica! Blogging has really turned out to be a wonderful world of support.
You ladies are all Beautiful!!

Happy Labor Day!



8 thoughts on “And the Emmy goes to…

  1. Sarah

    Thanks for the award.. I love starbucks to and miss it. Still trying to make a trip to Ikea here in Germany. I know I will go broke so I have kept myself

  2. Erica Marie

    Welcome hun!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it & I’ve never been on a road trip but I have this vision in my head of what it would be like & I can’t wait to just do it some day lol!

  3. Sabrina

    I made a new widget for it. I used the picture one. Its the best I could figure out. I guess I will continue to add a new picture widget if and when i get more awards.

    And you are all so so welcome! You deserve it! 🙂


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