Week 2 of No Numbers – A real blog!

Hey all! I am up and at em bright and early! I can barely contain my excitement today! It’s like Christmas time!!! The start of college football once again!

Lets Go NOLES!!! >>—;;–>>

Baseball is also on today, and the US Open – Tennis. I am just over flowing with excitement. What’s that song? I am so excited, I just can’t hide it! — Yep, that’s me!  🙂

Anyways, back to business. I just finished week 2 of the No Numbers Challenge. And I will be honest with you, my workouts have not been great. We have puppies here, and I have been chasing them around. I have also been busy with cleaning, organizing, donating stuff and what-not. I really think sometimes, the everyday activities should count. But it doesn’t, at least not to me. Although I get pretty sweaty, and have had a lot of activity, I just don’t feel like its the same. In my mind, I should still walk or jog for half an hour, do the 30 Day Shred, or try to catch a Zumba class. Then it would all even out. What do you guys think?

The eating department has been spot on. Right at 1200 calories or below, those who also follow me on MFP  know that I have been doing pretty great. Only a few times I have been on the upper end of my goal, between 1400-1500. I think, maybe just once this week to be exact. But definitly not more than twice. I am really happy I am finally controlling my hunger, and realizing when I actually NEED to eat, as opposed to just WANTING to eat. Big difference. Also, all the healthy choices I am making, instead of the crap.

My water intake is still holding steady at about 75 oz a day. I am happy with that, it’s much better than before.

Still no scale. It’s not in my eye sight. I am not tempted. This is…. freeing. I feel free to eat, and drink, and just live my life with out worrying about a stupid number. Of course I am still not thrilled with how I look in the mirror, but I know that will all come in time, just got to keep going forward and not give up.

I don’t know if I told you guys, but I finally ordered my One Bite, One Decision bracelet. You can too, just CLICK HERE!  I am also uber excited about that coming. Although, I do wish it was available in a different color option, as I am not a pink girl. Never have been, never will be. But that’s okay. I will take it for the team, and wear it with pride!!

My World of Sports today, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay tomorrow! With my favorite friends, of course! And I think we will end tomorrow with dinner at PF Changs! One of my favorites – YUM!

What are you excited for this holiday weekend??  And did everyone see/do the BYOC I posted yesterday?!?! Let’s get to know each other!! 

Have a WONDERFUL long weekend!!



3 thoughts on “Week 2 of No Numbers – A real blog!

  1. Arielle I.

    haha I used to say I’d never be a pink girl either…then one day, I decided I was a grown up and wanted to be girly. WHAT??? I’m still not extremely girly…I burp, spit (around anyone), tell crude jokes (“That’s what she said” is a favorite), and could wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday…buut, y’know… there are days I’m like “Yea, a skirt! Ooh, something bright and flowery!” haha Anyyyyway… I’m so glad you’re doing so well right out of the gate. You remind me of me when I first started. It’s good to have a strong start and you’ve definitely got one! Keep it up girl and in time, you will see the change in the mirror, I promise!

  2. Becky

    PF Chang’s…totally one of my favorites. Their banana rolls dessert is to die for…SO bad for you but so tasty. Luckily PF Chang’s has all their nutrition info online so you can go prepared!


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