Let’s all try something new!!! BYOC

BYOC!!! **Bring Your Own Craziness**

I have seen this done on some other blogs. And I thought it would be a fun way to change things up. Sorry if some get a bit personal, I just copy and paste, it’s all in good fun. I find that some weeks are more serious and others more let lose.

BYOC is normally done on Friday, and every week there are five new questions, but I am a little late reading them this weekend. The purpose is to get to know your fellow bloggers better AND give your blogging brain a break! You can answer in my blog or copy and paste into yours to share with all your readers. Enjoy!

1. Let’s brag a little….what’s the best perk you’ve ever had in your job (current or past)? Any employment counts – even if you’re a stay at home mom – you have perks (and the hardest job ever in my opinion).

Right now I am a full time student, so I am going to pick being able to stay home and focus on finishing college is the biggest perk. Not that my old job wasn’t amazing, I got to travel and decorate for a living. However, this is where I belong now, and I count my blessings that I am fortunate enough to get the opportunity to just be a college student again.

 2. Do you ever lie in your blog?

No. What’s the point in blogging if you are going to lie? This is to keep me honest and accountable, if I lie then I am just throwing everything out the window. It does me, nor you any good.

3. What do you wear to bed?

I am always cold, so normally PJ pants or shorts and a really lounge-y type tee. (Love Victoria’s Secret PJs!)

4. Where do you go for advice?

My brothers or my best friend, Leigh.

 5.  Make someone a superstar without using a blog award. What comment or blog stuck with you the most this week and why?

I would have to say Jen @ Prior Fat Girl. Her blog about being your own super hero.

Five simple questions. Every week, hopefully on Friday, I will post the five new questions and my own answers. Can’t wait to get to know everyone a bit better. Let me know if this is something you guys love or hate.



4 thoughts on “Let’s all try something new!!! BYOC

  1. Michelle

    You commented on my blog and asked what I was doing my MA in – history. More specifically, WWII history. In December I’ll be halfway done the program and hopefully by next August I’ll be done it completely. Most of the time I enjoy it… but then sometimes it’s just overwhelming and I feel lazy and unmotivated.


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