Bad Choices Hurt

Bad Choices Hurt….

    • My progress
    • My body
    • My spirit
    • My confidence

Yep! I made bad choices today, despite a great start and lots of exercise. Oatmeal for breakfast and 2 walks today, both 30-40 minutes long.

I don’t know what happened. One bad choice lead to a whole day of bad choices, and over eating. Bad habits trying to break through. UGH!!

But that is part of this process. It’s a learning experience. We all have bad days, and today I gave into all the temptations. It is very frustrating, but tomorrow I will do better.

Day 7 of the No Numbers Challenge was a failure.

No, I can not say today was a failure. The challenge says 6 days from each week must be with in our calorie range. I have been right on every day, one day was higher but still within my 1200-1500 goal. I committed to 5-6 days of exercise and I have had 5 days of exercise this past week. It says drink WATER WATER WATER, and I have definitely increased my water intake. And I have NOT gotten on a scale, which was the most important part.

So, no, failure is not what today was. Today was a stepping stone. Today was a learning experience. Today was one bad day that will not ruin all the good days I have already had, nor will it dictate the good days that are to come.

How do you recover from a bad choice day?



3 thoughts on “Bad Choices Hurt

  1. kaitlin

    I don’t know, but my day today was bad too. I blame the full moon. I think the only way to recover is to commit to doing it right the next time. Not just the next day, but the next time you eat. It’s a continuous process that we are all going through. You aren’t alone, if that makes it suck any less. =)

    Don’t think of today as a failure. It was just a step back. Tomorrow, take two steps forward.


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