Water and NSV

HAPPY MONDAY. It’s the reason will live for the weekend.

Every night I stock my fridge with 5-6 water bottles for the next day. Ya know, the 16oz bottles that come in a 24 pack?

Last night I went out to the garage, grabbed my water and realized I had just emptied the case. So since Friday I have drank 20 bottles of water. 20×16 = 320oz. Thats over 100 ounces a day!
Good right? No wonder I was constantly needing to go potty. (Sorry if that was TMI) But it felt good to know I have come to a good place with water, I didn’t even think I was drinking THAT much. Some bottles I drank plain. Others I squeeze a few drops from a fresh lemon into it. And once a day I use a Crystal Light ToGo pack, but I only use between a quarter and a half per bottle. So essentailly one togo pack will last me all day with several bottles or two days.
NSV. What does that really stand for anyways? Non Sight Victory? Non Scale Victory? I don’t know. I just think I had one. Last night, after my water realization, I was getting ready for bed. Put on my PJ pants, and they slid right down my legs! WHOA! I have a draw string so I tightened those babies up and tied them properly around my waist. But I have never needed the draw string before. It’s a double edge sword. I recently bought these pants, and soon they could be to big? I don’t know how I feel about that, because I seriously love me some Gap Lounge pants.
That’s all for now. I will check in later.

2 thoughts on “Water and NSV

  1. Becky

    I’m so excited for you! That is THE BEST feeling. I love it when clothes no longer fit (because you’re shrinking). I do get frustrated having to buy new clothes that are only going to fit me for a few weeks before dropping another size, but I think I can handle the trade off. Congrats!! You are doing so well!

  2. PlushBelle

    I feel you on the water! Classes start for me this week and I’m freaking out on how to get in all my water, without running out of class every 30 minutes to pee! I read around online and it seems that after 4-6 weeks my body will regulate itself?


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