Sunday Funday

Today has been an ever so lazy Sunday filled with sleeping in, watching tennis and baseball, and reading. Ahhh. So peacefull.

But I am an epic failure in the workout dept. No workout again tooday. Sorry! The weather was beautiful outside, but I was just so content in my lil world of laziness. I committed to working out 5-6 days a week during this challenge, and this week will be a 5 day-er. Next week I will do better, you guys can make sure of that. ūüôā

My eating was pretty good. You can check me out on if you so choose. User name is SabrinaM85. Every day that I log onto MFP I see where I need to improve my eating. I am glad it’s giving me new perspective on my habits.

Still no scale temptations! YAY! I am super excited about that. The scale is in a closet, in another room, which I never go into. So it’s in hibernation.

I am looking forward to this upcoming week though. Back in school. Classes start again tomorrow. After taking five years off from school to work it’s been weird getting back in the swing of things. I actually went back to school last August after being laid off, but I was still undecided on a major¬†so I just took a bunch of fluff classes. Now that I have declared a major (Hospitality Management with focus in Event Planning) I need to take all the lovely business electives before I can get to the¬†real stuff. Business = math. Math + Sabrina = TROUBLE! I have nightmares and break out into sweats. It’s horrible. I need to take¬†an Algebra class, a Statistics class, and TWO accounting classes. See, even when I¬†started college 7 years ago after high school, I put off¬†math as long as possible until I knew what major I was¬†taking, that way I could take the minimum. Lucky me, I get to take an ass load of math now.¬†Please pardon my language.¬†¬†

Anyways, back to this week. Tomorrow is an errand filled day, which will include a manicure and pedicure. Tuesday is my daddy’s birthday and election day. Haha. Wednesday I¬†start house sitting for my best friends parents. They will be gone for about 5 or 6 days. And they have 2 monster dogs; a Great Dane Mastiff mix, and a Neopolitan Mastiff. These two are the most gentle big dogs ever, total couch potatoes.

I am trying to make myself a better blogger, so every day I am trying to ask a question and get your feedback. Yesterday’s post actually included two, I believe. If you are so inclined, and have not read that blog yet, could you please go back and give me your input? I would love to hear from you!¬†

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Erica Marie

    Lazy days can be amazing! I’m glad it was very relaxing for you. You commited to 5-6days a week, if you worked out 5 days I’d say it’s nothing to be down about, that’s amazing! I still have a hard time working out ugh, I wish i could commit to 5 days a week. How long each day do you work out for? Maybe i should start my own little personal challenge of working out so many days a week for so long.. hmm lol

  2. Sabrina

    This challenge commits me to One hour of sweaty exercise 5-6 days a week. The original challenge called for 6 days.

    Yes. You should set some mini goals for yourself. Start small and work yourself up. I will support you all the way! You can do it!!


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