Small Victories!

I don’t know about you, but I love LOVE small victories!!

I have an app on my phone to track weight, food, and exercise. It’s great! However, I have only been using it to track my weight. Shame on me! Looking at my weigh in’s on my phone app, my low is 193.4 and my high is 195.8. This morning I weighed in at 192.6! SWEET! I know, I know, it’s a small victory. But I am out of that rut of being stuck in the same weight zone. I will never EVER be in the 190’s again. Once I ditch these last 2.6  2.7 pounds. I am really freaking excited! So excited that I actually used the app on my phone for all it’s uses! Yep, I scaned my breakfast (oatmeal & organic fat free milk). So I am accounting for all my calories, fat, sugars, proteins and fibers. As soon I finish this blog I am getting off my butt and going for a jog.

Seeing that 192.6 on the scale this morning really put an extra pep in my step. I am super motivated and want to kick this weight to the curb.

As I said in my last blog my long term goal is 135. The first goal I set for myself is 150. But I figure I can set mini goals to help me reach my bigger goals. First up 189.9. Then I am thinking I will take it 10 pounds at a time. Sound reasonable? I think so.

One bite at a time. One decision at a time.

Maybe later today, after my walk/jog, I will add a widget or something to my blog to track these milestones. I think that will really keep me accountable.

Yay! Super excited! I love small victories. I feel so empowered and motivated.
Mind over matter… I need to keep the focus!



One thought on “Small Victories!

  1. MB

    Hey Sabrina – Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment so I could find you.

    I’m the queen of small victories and have learned that each little victory adds up to success eventually.

    Stay hydrated out there in the hot Florida sun and enjoy the journey. I’ll be cheering for you 😉


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