The View

Today on ABC’s “The View”, they did a Summer Diet Show. Everything from Biggest Loser winners, different diet cleanses, work out videos and techniques, and a family that all had the Lap Band surgery done.

I have always thought about a cleanse, Lord knows I have a lot of toxins. But I never knew which to do or not to do, and I didn’t want the yucky side effects. After watching the show I know a cleanse is not for me. Drinking way to many liquids or shakes, and not productive to weight loss. Weight loss surgery is not for me either. I am extremely lazy and I generally make bad choices. That’s all there is to it, no excuses. I plan to be healthy, I buy the good food at the stores, I plan to order off the healthy side of menus when I go out… but I always convince myself I can indulge this one time.

I have NEVER gone over 198 pounds, and I am currently 194. I have maintained my weight between 185 and 195 for several months now. I just can’t seem to drop out of the 180’s.
I am 5’2 and my “healthy” weight is between 125-135. My first goal is to get to 150; just 44 pounds. I will make a second goal once I conquer the 150’s.  

Everyone who was on the show today all had one common thing to say: 

There are lots of healthy food options out there. You don’t need to be fat or unhealthy. It’s mind over matter. No matter how you get to your goal; you will always need to change your life style to maintain it.

Wow! From now on when I open the fridge and look for a snack I need to chose the the Yoplait Raspberry Cheesecake Yogurt instead of the Cheesecake covered in Raspberries. Mind over matter. Instead of playing around on Facebook and Twitter for an hour I need to get up and go for a walk/jog for 30-40 minutes.

Like JEN has been saying: “One bite at a time. One decision at a time.”

I need to get with the program. I need to make the right choices. I need to shed the weight and get healthy. You know it’s bad when my niece tells me I have a squishy tummy, or I crop my pictures to hide from my stomach & down.

The past week has been great while I have been at my brothers. Eating healthy with lots of fruits and veggies, and being active with the kids. When I go home Wednesday I need to keep it up… one bite at a time, one decision at a time.

Did anyone else see The View today? Thoughts?



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