We have been busy bee’s here in Orlando. Let’s see… Since I last wrote on Thursday it’s been non stop.

Wednesday I took the kids to play tennis in the morning. Came home, got showered and changed and went to lunch at Stake & Shake (their favorite), went bowling and played video arcade games, and a quick trip to Wal Mart. We needed supplies to make ice cream cupcakes.

Thursday we stayed home and chilled. Did a little swimming before the rain came, and played some board games, but the most exciting thing for them was watching Harry Potter 4 & 5.
We have been watching one Harry Potter a day so we could watch all six by Friday, but Wednesday we just did not have the time! What do they think this is, the last week of summer vacation? LOL.

Friday we went to open house/meet your teacher at their school (where their mom is the Music Teacher). Emily will be in 2nd grade and Tommy in 5th. Then we went to Boarders and I got them some new books. They LOVE books and LOVE to read. They read way beyond their grade levels, and both picked out some chapter books that are rather lengthy. As soon as we got in the car they opened the books and got totally involved in the reading. We headed to Lunch at Garabaldi’s which is an Amazing Mexican restaurant. Then came home to watch the final Harry Potter, number 6!

Saturday morning we all (brother, sister in law, kids and I) went to the Farmers Market in Winter Park and did a bit of errands. Came home and had some panini’s on the grill. And this is where the fun really gets started…. Tommy had a birthday sleepover and my brother & sister in law had a date night for their 18th wedding anniversary, which is actually today. So they all left about 3pm, which meant girls night for Emily and I. We got ready and headed to the park where we fed the ducks and played. We then went to Positano’s for some pizza. They are a local Italian Cafe. After dinner we left for a quick trip to Target, then it was on to Marble Slab for ice cream!! We came home and watched Evan Almighty and Emily got to stay up till about 9:15pm. SCORE. Aunt Bina totally rocks.  🙂

So yeah, today is going to be a relaxing day with the family and some yummy food. My brother is smoking a Turkey on the grill. I was supposed to go home yesterday, which would have been a week long visit. But we are having so much fun I am actually staying until Wednesday after dinner.

The kids start school tomorrow and are very excited. I also start fall semester of college, but I do that online. So my next 3 days will be spent just chilling at my brothers house and enjoying my last few days.

Here are some pictures to leave you with… Enjoy your Sunday!



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