Scale vs Mirror

Good evening all! I actually need to thank Lindsay, Another Prior Fat Girl (FOR THIS POST)   , talking about being vain. I thought about myself for a moment and realized I have a problem, which may or may not be vain. That is up to you to decide…

What’s the one thing you feel you need to do every day as part of your weigh loss journey? Do you jump on the scale every morning? Or look at yourself from every angle in a mirror? Track every calorie? I don’t know what you do, but for me it’s a horrible battle of scale vs mirror…

Ugh. Every morning shortly after getting up, either right before or just after breakfast, I get on the scale to weigh in. I track that number on my Android application. (It’s called Calorie Counter, in case you are looking for a food, exercise and weight tracker. It’s also FREE!) And when I say I get on the scale every morning, it is EVERY SINGLE MORNING, unless there is a pressing circumstance. Then I get on in the afternoon, or at night before bed. The scale is vicious, and shows me numbers that jump between the same 191 and 195. SUCKS!!!

Okay, so then, if I remember to I scan all my food barcodes (or manually find the food in the database) and count my calories. But I am not so consistent with calorie counting. I know many of you out there are religious about it. And I should probably get better.

Now, I may be OK with the number I see on the scale, but I am horrified by what I see in the mirror. I am not saying the numbers are acceptable, but it could be worse. So how many times do you see yourself in the mirror every day?? For me it’s countless times. Not because I am vain, but because my closet doors are mirrors. So when I am in my room I see myself, and in the bathroom I see myself. I will admit, being a full time college student, I spend A LOT of time in my room; reading, studying, taking online classes. I almost feel like I am looking at myself 50% of my day. But sometimes I stand up and just gaze into the mirror. It’s not a pretty sight. I disgust myself. I need it to change. But I never quite stay focused enough to keep on the right track, I start to stray and then everything gets knocked off balance again. UGH!! Maybe I will rip down the closet doors and put good ole fashioned wood ones up. I hate mirrors. They are the UGLY truth.

Am I that only one who feels this way? What are your daily struggles and fights?

I have been away from home for 4 days now, and I still have another week to go. No full length mirrors here at my brother’s house! 🙂 The only mirror for my to look at is the bathroom vanity mirror. But the scale did go down this morning when I stepped on it. Which was a nice treat.

To be continued tomorrow…. Happenings, weight loss progress and eating.



One thought on “Scale vs Mirror

  1. Sarah

    For me it is about the scale & the mirror. I judge how I look to the number on the scale. I to have to get on the scale 24/7. It is all a love hate relationship.


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