Semi Vacation

Yes. I am on a semi vacation. I am at my oldest brother’s house near Orlando hanging out with my niece and nephew on their last week of summer vacation. My sister in law is a music teacher so she went back to school this week for meetings and pre-planning. Hanging out with them is awesome we do all sorts of fun activities, basically what ever they want; we do. 🙂

My brother and sister in law are super healthy, so my eating is always spot on when I am here. For lunch yesterday I made the kids PB&J like they asked, then threw together a salad for me. Then last night my brother had some roasted chicken left from the weekend (him and I are big cooks, we love to experiment in the kitchen) that he cooked on his new grill. So we made some big salads with peppers, tomatoes, fresh wheat croutons and a few slices of the chicken. Ohhh It was so good!

Normally when I come my exercising is spot on too because the kids love to be outside, go for walks, bike rides or swimming. But this week we have been battling the weather. It has been pretty stormy most afternoons. Gotta love Florida in the summer time; it’s either hot or rainy!

Tomorrow morning at 9am we are going to play tennis with their tennis coach. The whole family plays tennis and soccer. My mom is straight off the boat from Italy (which is where brother and I getting our fab cooking skills – if I do say so myself). Tennis and soccer are the national sports in Italy, if you don’t play one or the other then there must be something wrong with you. My brothers and I grew up playing soccer, but not so much tennis. It wasn’t until my niece and nephew were born that my brother started playing tennis, the kids picked it up, so did their mom, and in the long run so have I. Anyways, I am hoping they don’t beat me too badly, but non-the-less it should be a good work out to go along with the healthy eating.

Tonight we are making some homemade veggie turkey burgers to BBQ on the grill. Should be yum. I will let you know. I should write down the recipe as we make it, and take pictures along the way.

And one more thing…. I would like to apologize now for any horrible spelling and grammar errors. Yes, I am a college student and yes, I passed all my English/Communications classes. But spelling and grammar has never been my strong suite. And my crazy, random, sometime all over posts. Sorry! 😦



One thought on “Semi Vacation

  1. Sarah

    If you can’t get outside everyday at least your eating is right on! That is always a plus! I have always wanted to try tennis but never have gotten around to it.

    As for the spelling and grammar I understand. Life is so busy and what not. I have enough trouble just having time to do a blog. Any mistakes that come with it will just be.

    Hope the turkey burgers are yummy. I need to learn to make those!


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