Busy Bee.

So the past few days have been hectic. First, Friday I want had had my hair trimmed but also decided to spice up the color a bit. As of recently my brown hair has been highlighted with blond. A few years ago I had highlights and low lights of dark red and blond. Looked awesome. After talking with my stylist we decided to put they red back in but not quite so dark… A- it fades fast and B- it is still summer time here in Florida so we wanted to keep it light and fun.
Here is a before and after to give you some sort of comparison. The first picture is from my birthday at the end of May, and the second picture was taken Friday right after getting home from the salon.

Saturday, I went to Sea World with my best friend, Chris (who is with me in the picture above). Which was an all day affair. It only takes an hour to get there from where I live. But we left about 7:30am, got to the park just before opening at 9am. Then stayed till the park closed at 10pm. I fed the dolphins. Rode the new roller coaster, Manta, at least 10 times, half a dozen times were after dark! That ride is amazing, especially from the back row. And of course, went to see the Shamu Rocks show. It’s my favorite show! But they only run it during the summer season. 😦
Sunday I packed up my suite case and headed over to my brother and sister in laws house in Orlando. My sister in law is a music teacher, so she went back to school this week for pre-planning and meetings. My niece and nephew still have one last week of vacation to enjoy. It’s tradition that I take time off from whatever job, school, or event I have going and come spend this last week of vaca with them. So this week will be anything but quite for me, it will be non stopped fun and excitement.

Last night it started with a trip to the movie store; where we purchased Harry Potter 4 & 5. And I will admit I have never read, nor seen Harry Potter. But because of the new Harry Potter attraction at Islands of Adventure I will be playing catch up on the series. We came home and went through my bag of surprises which included the games Uno Flip and Uno Attack, among many other little fun things. We immediately opened Uno Flip and started playing; while my sister in law and I enjoyed a Margarita and my brother prepared dinner. We watched the first Harry Potter as we ate, then it was bed time for the kids. Bed time was conveniently around the start of the NFL Hall of Fame game and the Yankee/Red Sox game. Sports and more wine was how we closed out the night.
The only thing about me being here is I don’t have my scale to jump on every morning. I mean, my brother has one, it’s just super old and the furthest thing from digital. I guess when you are healthy and fit like my brother and sister in law you don’t really need a modern scale to tell you EXACTLY how fat you are. Hmm… maybe this will be a good opportunity to focus on eating right and balancing the right amount of exercise. When I get home next Sunday I can jump on the scale and I see how I did for the week.
I am nervous already!


One thought on “Busy Bee.

  1. Sarah

    Looks like you had a blast this weekend. I went to Turkiye for a week and not having a scale drove me nuts. I went as far as putting it in my suitcase and then realized if it broke I would have to buy another one. If anything it will let you know if you are making healthy choices or not when you weigh yourself again. Good Luck!


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